Lighting – Why won’t the bathroom light fixture work


Had a surprise this morning when I went to turn on my bathroom light and it didn't work. All the incandescent bulbs (4 of them) appear to be fine, and the fan which is on the switch beside the light switch is working.

I've checked and reset all breakers. Before calling an electrician, is there anything else I can do? Is it possible that the fixture has failed since none of the bulbs will light up.

Best Answer

If you have a multi-meter and feel comfortable poking around, you can find out some preliminary info. Take off the face-plate for the switches and check the voltage between the two screws on the light switch. You should see nothing when it's on, and full voltage (120/230/etc) when it's off:

  • If you see no voltage all the time, then there's likely a power problem feeding the switch.
  • If you see full voltage all the time, then the switch is probably broken and can be easily replaced.
  • If you see no voltage (switch on) and full voltage (switch off), then it's probably the light fixture.