Plumbing – Bad smell on clothes caused by plumbing


I had a washing machine engineer out today to look over my machine and help me understand why my clothes smell bad after every wash. He said it is caused by the plumbing under the sink

Can you help me understand if this is correct?

Here is a photo, the left goes to drain, middle is sink, and right is washing machine.

Best Answer

I've never seen something like that before.

The most accepted form of plumbing requires a P-trap to prevent sewer gases from coming back into the house. In your case they might be flowing into your washing machine.

I haven't seen many washing machine to under sink connections before and the more typical thing is a long standpipe for a washing machine to pump the water into. I'd be fearful that the volume coming out of the washing machine would be too much for the sink assembly to handle in a short period of time possibly resulting in the water backing up into the sink until the volume had decreased.