Plumbing – Calculate savings from/cost-effectiveness of installing a tankless hot water heater

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Following up on "Which water heater types do you recommend?" and "Are tankless water heaters worth it in cold climates", is there a way to calculate the point at which installing a tankless water heater makes economic sense? Given the cost of purchase and installation, it should be possible to determine the break-even point, factoring in the amount of hot water used and the temperature change required.

Is there a way to estimate hot water usage separately from cold water? If I have a gas furnace and gas hot water heater currently, can the gas usage by each be separated?

Best Answer

You get the bast cost saving when you have to replace your tank or boiler anyway for another reason. Remember that for some of the year, the lost heat from the tank may be of value to you depending on how the tank is sited and how cold and long your winters are.

Also are you having to use more air con due to the tank, if so the air con savings may be well worth while.