Plumbing – How to connect to an unthreaded galvanized pipe stub for a garden hose


I've got a galvanized pipe in my garage that is used for a garden hose. It's fairly rusty. The end has been cut off so there are no threads left – I need a way to attach something to this pipe so I can put on an elbow and convert it to a garden hose.

A few things:

  • The pipe runs under a concrete pad so it's not possible to replace it without a major expense
  • The water doesn't need to be drinkable
  • Aside from the surface rust, the walls of the pipe are still very much intact

So, I tried using a rubber connector, which almost worked, but I can' clamp it down tight enough to make a 100% seal. I am going to try sanding the pipe next which might solve this, but I don't imagine this rubber connector would last long outside.

Any ideas? Can I re-thread this pipe? Is there some sort of sharkbite I can connect to unthreaded Galvanized? Compression fitting? enter image description here

Best Answer

They make fittings that we call "Moody Couplings"; this may be a regional or colloquial term but probably evolved from a manufacturer's name.

enter image description here

These are designed for pressure pipe, the size designed for 1/2" galvanized pipe also fits 3/4" copper. These are not designed to be installed in locations where a leak would not be evident/fixable, and they do require a relatively smooth outside surface (but are a bit forgiving in that respect). If you do this, I recommend not covering it up, so you can monitor.