Plumbing – How to do with an abandoned gas line in the kitchen floor


I am currently renovating my house and have just had the kitchen plastered. After removing the cabinets I found this under one and am looking for any advice as to what it may be and options in regard to removal etc.

I'm assuming it's gas so haven't touched it / tried to open as it's quite stiff and don't want to find it won't close if it is.

Edit The house is in the UK, a 1950s 2 bedroom semi detached ex-council house. It is build on a solid concrete foundation so I'm assuming this pipework is an original but have no idea what it is from.

front view showing some kind of valve connection?

it has a tap on the back too which is pretty stiff

Best Answer

Looking at that, and given the age of the house, I would say it's a bayonet type connector for an old laundry copper.

The 'thumbscrew' on the back is the on/off for the gas supply.

I would strongly suggest getting a Gas Safe engineer in to check if it is still 'live'. If it is, and you are planning to put a unit back over where it is, you could probably get him to cap it a bit lower for you. If you are wanting to reposition your kitchen units completely and this is sticking up in what will be open floor, then you definitely need to get an engineer in. If it's no longer 'live', the engineer can advise whether or not you can just cut it off below the planned finished floor level.

Don't second guess gas - recipe for disaster!