Plumbing – How to fit a pipe inside another pipe


Does anyone here with experience in plumbing or piping know if a 3/4" pipe can fit inside a 1" pipe to the point where you can slide it in and out like a telescope to make an adjustable stand post?

According to this link and if my math is correct, the inner diameter of a 1" SCH 40 pipe is 1.049" and the outer diameter of a 3/4" SCH 40 pipe from the chart is 1.05" which is .001" too big. If I were to go to Home Depot would this difference matter?

Also I have a random question, are "all-purpose" drill bits able to drill through galvanized steel piping and is there a good method for drilling on round surfaces?

The reason I'm doing this is because I'm trying to build a DIY bike repair stand with an adjustable height. It's loosely based off this, but with a "Quik Klamp 3-Way Open Corner 1" (sorry I couldn't post another link) acting as the base-support piece mainly because the whole thing could be disassembled and I'm hoping a bit more solid.

Best Answer

Right copper tubing of 3/4" size telescopes nicely inside 1" right copper tubing. It is not a near interference fit like other styles of pipe and thus does not bind up. This is nice because copper is easy to work with (it solders) and is strong but light weight. Rigid copper fittings of all sorts are available to allow making all the corners of your stand.