Plumbing – Inserting a Tee In 1″ Pipe for an Air Compressor


I have a copper pipe outside my house that is 1" in diameter (Measured 1.1 inches using a digital caliper) that feeds our house's sprinkler system.

My dad uses his commercial air compressor to clear the sprinkler lines of water for the winter so they don't freeze.

Unfortunately to do this he usually removes the glass pane from the basement window which takes forever. We came up with the idea to cut the copper pipe outside and solder a fitting to the part of the pipe outside.

My question is what kind of tee should I look for that unions 1"-1" copper pipe and leaves a cap-able (When not being used) inlet for the air compressor?

My initial thought was something like a 1" – 1" – 1/2" tee similar to (, but I'm not sure about how this would union with an air compressor hose.

Best Answer

You should consider something like this. These are just pieces I have laying around. All are common, easy to source and inexpensive. The fitting in your link will work as well, you would just follow with a valve and a air tool fitting.

enter image description here

this is another way

enter image description here