Plumbing – Protecting CSST Through Studs – Are there no off-the-shelf solutions


I am having a hard time meeting the protection requirements outlined in the manufacturer's specifications. I'm installing HomeFlex CSST in California – California's plumbing code defers to the manufacturer for most of the installation requirements for CSST.

HomeFlex requires that horizontal runs through studs have 5" of protection on either side of each stud through which it passes (when it is within 2" of the edge, inevitable when dealing with 2x4s). However, HomeFlex does not provide a branded product to accomplish this (which is generally preferred, as mixing/matching brands in the same CSST install is usually a show-stopper for inspections), and I am unable to find anything of sufficient dimensions @ 16 gauge hardened steel that meet the requirements for protecting CSST.

At this point, the only 2 options I can see to meet the requirements established by HomeFlex, are to either fabricate my own striker plates or to find the odd-sized 1-1/4" steel pipe that is noted as an acceptable alternative, and cut it to 11-1/2" lengths (5" + 1-1/2" + 5"). Are these really my only options (other than ripping it out and using black pipe)? What are others doing to address this requirement?

Here's the relevant part of the documentation (full doc is here):

Relevant manufacturer requirements

Update: I have found some products on the horizon from other CSST manufacturers (namely Gastite), however these, made by any brand, do not appear to be yet available for sale from anywhere:

New Gastite Striker Plates

Best Answer

The manufacturer's installation manual describes the plate that can be used, and even includes the part number.

enter image description here

Which is available at Home Depot, and Amazon.

It also says in the Protection section of the document "For tubing routed horizontally between studs, striker plates should be installed at each stud, and Flexible Protective Conduit, or other approved conduit, should be installed across the entire length of the run." (see point 4 below), and "schedule 40 steel pipe has been found acceptable by CSA International for puncture protection.". So you could always use schedule 40 steel pipe to protect the pipe. Just cut the pipe in 12" sections, and install the tubing in the pipe where it passes through studs.

enter image description here