Plumbing – What does this basement floor drain look like beneath the surface


This is the floor drain near my gas furnace. It handles the condensate line. I'd like to reconfigure it to also accept a water softener drain line, possibly by installing a larger bowl. I'm not sure how to open it up though. What type of drain is this, and how would I go about removing it from the pipe it's glued to?

The two areas that appear to be screw heads are not. They seem to be just molded into the plastic. I suspect that they are holes for screws to secure a cover that's no longer present.

enter image description here

Best Answer

The softener drain line is supposed to be air gapped about 2" from the drain water level to prevent growth of bacteria working its way back up the line.

If you fasten your lines to a piece of double strut (or other blocking) so they terminate above the drain with a 90° fitting, then they can drain into the opening without a bowl. You could even extend the down leg into the opening to prevent splashing, as long as the softener doesn't touch anything.

Or, look for an adapter that could be inserted into the throat of the drain to add the bowl above.

Or, you will have to dig it up and replace it with your choice.