Rebuilding an exterior deck is it better to use screws or nails


I have a deck that is old and falling apart so it is time to replace it. To replace the deck boards I plan to remove existing, measure boards, cut new board and put the same size and board back into place. The deck hasn't been replaced in twenty years and it currently has nails. Many tutorials and research show using screws. After a search under the tag I didnt see any questions on why screws would be better then nails other than I would imagine over times nails could back out. So why are screws better for deck boards then nails? Is there a particular screw other than a normal wood screw that would be good for decks?

Best Answer

Screws hold better over time, so are preferable. Use a long (3") exterior grade screw and you'll be fine. I'd avoid stainless as they're expensive and sometimes brittle.

If the underlying joists are in rotten shape, come back and ask about them.