Replacing a Challenger breaker with an after-market breaker

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I have a Challenger panel board and one of my breakers is no good. When I went to buy a new one they don't carry them anymore. They said they only carry the after-market ones. So I got that one, but it looks different than the original one. Will it fit in even though it's a different looking one?

Best Answer

You can use BRs instead of Cs

If your panel labeling says it takes type C breakers, then there's an easy way out of it: type BR breakers (as depicted below, with the type C labeling highlighted) are legal, safe, and widely-available (at any big-box or hardware store) replacements for type C breakers, as they are cross-listed (as per this letter from UL to Cutler-Hammer, as reproduced at the bottom of this post) and cross-labeled to replace type C breakers. (A more modern version of this letter is available, linked from an Eaton FAQ.)

picture of type BR breaker with the type C labeling on it highlighted

For more exotic Challenger breaker types, Eaton cross-reference document TD01201041E provides the gory details.

letter from UL to C-H saying that type BR is legal to replace type C (PDF version)