Retrofit a wind-power system for the home


I live in a VERY windy place. My neighborhood is a new development of your typical suburban single family homes. There isn't really room for a full windmill, nor would it look very well. But there has to be some way for me to harness the constant winds the same way I could buy solar panels. Any ideas? Maybe attaching some small spinners or something around the perimeter of my roof? Has anyone seen anything like this?

Best Answer

Here are a couple companies that make rooftop wind turbines

Not sure if these things would require special zoning, permits, etc. or if they would even be allowed in all locations. A call to your local government would be the easiest way to find out if something like this would be permitted in your area. You may also have to check with the homeowners association; if that applies for you, as there may be noise or other issues with installing a wind turbine on the roof (Those homeowners folks can be awful finicky).


Here is a site with loads of "small" wind turbines, you may be able to find an appropriate one from this list.

Finding a very small (< 6 ft./ 2 m) turbine may be difficult, as the blades have to be of adequate size to be able to harness enough energy to generate power.