Screwing into the underside of countertop – can it support a little weight


We have a space with a wide countertop set up in a space that functions as a workbench. There are no cabinets underneath. Instead, you can pull up chairs to it. There are computers there and it functions as a workbench/desk.

We're replacing the computers, and the new model is a smaller form factor that I would like to hang from the bottom of the countertop. I'm concerned, though, about screwing into the underside of the countertop. The material looks like simple partical board underneath, and I'm worried that it may decide to crumble rather than anchor the screws well, which in turn would allow the computers to fall to the floor.

Am I worried over nothing, is there a specific product I should use to do this safely, or should I do something else?

Best Answer

You could glue another board onto the bottom of the counter top with a wood glue, clamp it, and when dry it will give additional wood to screw into.