Should I use foam spray insulation in the crawl space


My crawl space has no insulation. The dirt is wet near one of the walls. There have been termites in the past.

I'm thinking of insulating the ceiling (between the joists) and the walls with foam spray. Am I on the right track with this idea? I hear that fiberglass is not a good idea because it can get affected by the moisture.

There are these products, such as Sealection500, Icynene, etc. Have people here used them? What's a good DIY product? There's and they offer the product and kit directly. I like that they are straight forward about it. Is that a good product though? Is the price good?


According to the walls should not be sprayed. Guess I can use rigid foam for the walls. Comments on that? How far down do you put the insulation on the walls? Down to the footing?

Best Answer

There are some very good spray foams on the market. Most are a two part system and a starter kit runs around $800.00. This would include the hoses, tanks and spray wands and enough material to do several hundred square feet, depending on thickness. There are foams that are completely water and moisture resistant as well as mold and vermin proof. I sub out most of that type of work, so I don't have the brand names on the tip of my tongue, but you should be able to investigate various types of foam and equipment appropriate for your application at your local specialty distributor of insulation products.