Should I use glue or o-ring joints on a buried PVC waste pipe


What are the advantages and disadvantages of both systems of joints for "non-pressure" pipes that are buried?

O-ring joints are more expensive, but easier to do on buried pipes.

Glue on the other hand is permanent (that is a plus and a minus at once).

What else?

Best Answer

Typically, o-ring fittings are used for larger diameter pipes (4 inch and larger) where the runs consist of longer distances with a low density of fittings. Examples would be outside of the building civil work and inside (below grade) storm drainage.

When you have smaller diameter pipes and a high density of fittings, such as a bathroom group, glue fittings would be used.

Some advantages of o-ring fittings are:

  • fittings can be reused
  • quicker to install for large diameter pipes (> 6")
  • no time constraint for adjustment of fittings

Some advantages of glue fittings are:

  • fittings stay in the place they were set to
  • available for small diameter pipes
  • quicker to install when there is a high density of fittings