Solution for fiberglass ducts that have collapsed in basement


I have two furnaces in my house, one for the basement and one for the rest of the house. I noticed that while using the basement furnace this winter that no air was coming out of any of the basement vents (all under cement/under padded carpeting) except the one closest to the furnace in a bathroom. And it was blowing what looks like dirt out. I have had two HVAC professionals come for other things, routine maintenance and have asked them what would be a good solution. One guy said to ditch the system and invest in a Mitsubishi splits system. The other simply had no idea if it could be repaired (easily/inexpensively).

I don't really need the bottom furnace since the other furnace actually does have some output vents in the ceiling in 3 places. But the basement is always about 3 to 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house, so the second furnace would be nice to have. I mean, the furnace works and everything, it just can't circulate because all of the vents are collapsed. Also, it's not very comforting having a broken HVAC system lying around.

Best Answer

If your basement is already mostly comfortable without the problematic supplemental furnace and its ducts, why not spend the money on properly insulating the basement instead? That way it will likely be all the way comfortable when heated from the heat of the main furnace, and then you can fully abandon and/or remove the redundant furnace and have lower bills too.