Switch – Covered or Locking Light Switch


I have an attic fan that is operated by a regular old light (toggle) switch. The problem is that the switch was installed by the previous owner in the master walk-in closet, right where one would expect the switch for the closet light to be located. I'm afraid that I will often mistakenly switch on the attic fan instead of the closet light.

I'm looking for suggestions on possible replacement switches that have some sort of cover or safety/locking mechanism that would prevent me from accidentally switching on the fan.

Something like a toggle switch cover would be great, however, I can't seem to find any that are designed for standard light switches.

Best Answer

Search for a switch lockout or a switch guard. Either will solve your problem, but the lockout is easier to open and change the setting, the guard is more permanent.

A third option is any of the child proof switches.