Switch – Ground wired to neutral in light switch


I'm a DIYer swapping out existing switches/receptacles for a different color. I ran across a light switch that had ground wired to neutral instead of the ground connection on the switch. This doesn't make any sense to me but I'm not a pro so maybe I'm missing something?

In Ohio, maybe something in the code here that allows it under certain circumstances? Internet Search is failing me so thought I'd ask.

PS: Duplex receptacle a few feet away has the neutrals cut with tips electrical taped, and ground connected to the neutral terminal. (ಠ_ಠ Confidence in the correctness of the wiring in this area is not very high)

enter image description here

Best Answer

Nope. Get the ground wire outta there! (out of the neutral splice). There should be a ground wire from the bottom of the switch hooked on a green ground screw and tied to the ground(s) in the box, nutted with a green nut. The neutral splice should only consist of neutral wires and the ground wires should all be tied together with a green nut. Wire colors can't be mixed in most cases.

Would like to know if home was recently built before the postscript question?