Switch – Identifying these light switches


I am working on a Home Automation system that I inherited from someone who didn't really know what he was doing. There are dozens of light circuits, but only three of them can be controlled from the system (Leviton/HAI OmniPro 2).

Here is a picture of four of the switches:
light switches

The leftmost switch works, and the other three in the picture do not.

I know that the left switch is a Leviton model that speaks HLC, Leviton's proprietary extension on top of UPB. However, I cannot figure out the model (and capabilities) of the other switches.

Can anyone tell me what they are (brand, model, etc) and/or what protocols they support?

Best Answer

These are really old HAI switches (from before Leviton bought them) which use the ALC protocol over separate signaling wires.

I finally found someone who could tell me that the original switches were put in around 2005, so I used The Wayback Machine to look at HAI's website as it appeared at that time. From there, I found pictures that match these switches perfectly.

UPDATE: I finally got into the controller cabinet for the system and discovered that it has an ALC controller already hooked up with lots of wires that appear to go to these old switches all over the building. It appears that we should already be able to control the old switches from the system because of this board, so I'm guessing that something is just misconfigured in the settings.

ALC Controller