Switch – Why does one range burner only turn on when another is turned on


I have a GE smooth surface stove, model JBS55DM2WW.

It has a strange switch problem. When I turn on the front right large burner it does not come on, but if I turn on any of the other burners and then turn the front right one on, it comes on.

Seems odd to me (being an electrician).

Is this a bad switch, and if so is there no switch to switch protection against feed through such as this or is it built into the switch?

Best Answer

You clearly have a wiring problem. It sounds like you have lost one phase to the burner that has the problem. When you turn on the second/support burner, that switch is back-feeding power to the problem burner switch.

Also inherent in these kind of problems, you may be getting the 240-volt to all the switches but somehow the wiring connections or wire leads have lost the ability to carry a load. Look for burned and or worn leads and connections.