Tap into this main gas line for the natural gas grill


see below… This is my main gas line coming into my home(after the meter of course)

My question:

Can I replace the street elbow here with a T and use the extra output as the source my natural gas grill? Is it ok to tap into the main line? Should I look for any special fittings for this purpose? Anything else to look out for?

enter image description here

Best Answer

Yes you can (and fortunately for you, there is a union right there to make your work easier.)

Replacing the this joint is easy enough, but remember you are working with gas. Professionals are recommended and required in some places, as are permits.

I would use a T directly on the main pipe into the wall, a short nipple to the lower main from the ground, and whatever reducer you need for the grill line with a shutoff valve. Depending on your grill and local pressure, you many also need a regulator for the grill itself.

If you do all this yourself, remember to use the gas rated tape or dope for joints, and use soapy water, gas line tester, or use a static pressure test (Check the meter, then shut off as much as possible inside the house and turn on the main between the meter & your work. After 15-30 minutes, the meter should not have changed. If it does you have a leak.)