Things to look for while entering the crawlspace of a house I’m considering buying


I'm going to examine the crawlspace under a house I'm considering buying. What type of things should I look for? Here's my list so far:

  • Water, moisture, and dampness — finding it's source.
  • Electrical lines — their type and condition.
  • Foundation — condition… cracks, signs of movement.
  • Wood condition — signs of termites, wood rot, decay.

Anything else? Keep in mind that I'm a newbie. =)

And yes, we're having professional inspections done too.


Best Answer

Some things we found under our crawl space that you can keep an eye out for:

  • Joist hangers weren't secured to code, not enough nails.
  • Insulation wasn't properly secured and was sagging.
  • If the crawlspace is part of an addition, make sure ducts and vents arn't coverd up and carry through to the exterior of the house. Make sure any vents aren't leaking air and flow is good.