This black coloring in attic


Curious if anyone can tell what this is? Not sure if it's mold or if it is something else.

The yellow in the closeup is sap I believe but the black stuff almost looks like super small poppy seeds.

Attic Pic 01

Close Up of attic board

Best Answer

To my untrained eye, it does appear to be mold. The would indicate a moisture problem. The first place I would look is bathroom exhaust fan vents, they need to exhaust outside of the house, through the roof or out the siding, not into the attic space. Next I would check for ventilation, often in the form of soffit and ridge vents, but could also be gable vents. They need to be unobstructed. If neither of these appear to be the cause, then there could be a leak in the roof.

With any moisture sources solved, the typical remedy for the mold itself is a bleach solution, being careful to not get it on your skin, clothes, or anything else that could be damaged.