Tile – an efficient way of removing thick grout haze


I have replaced a cracked tile in my kitchen and have set the grout accordingly. I must have missed a step because the haze (which is supposed to come up with a cheese cloth) is more like London fog, and is not coming up without significant effort.

Surely there has to be a better way to get (very thick) haze off the surface of a tile?

I have a Dremel and it was very helpful for removing the old grout- is there a relatively soft polish/brush bit I can use?

(Fortunately the tile appears to be pretty heavy duty, so I am less concerned about scratching the glaze than I am about removing the excess grout.)

Best Answer

A Scotch Brite pad has always worked for me. If you are dealing with a large area, use a random orbital sander with a Scotch Brite attachment and the universal lubricant, water.

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