Use a magnet to make a hinged mirror stick to the wall


After installing my Ikea mirror which can open like a door (in order to install small hooks on the wall behind it and hang keys and stuff), I realize it touches the wall only if I apply pressure on it, otherwise there's a 1 centimeter gap.

I was thinking about installing a small magnet on the wall at half height of the mirror, then a small metal sheet glued on the mirror at the same height so that the mirror is attracted by the magnet.

Ideally the magnet on the wall would be a simple screw whose head is a magnet! Is there such a thing?

Otherwise, what do you suggest?

enter image description here
enter image description here
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Best Answer

Why, of course! You're looking for a "magnetic catch".
Just you should possibly install it the other way around - a metal plate on the wall, and the catch screwed on the mirror.

Images added:

  1. Magnet mounted as plug in the cabinet with large head screw contact
  2. Magnet in cup washer and mating contact washer mounted with screws
  3. Thin magnet to metal plate

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here