Walls – How smooth should I sand a wall


I removed old paper from the wall and want to paint it new . Before doing it I guess I should sand the whole wall so that it's smoother and for that I'll use a dry-wall sander. The question is which sand paper should I use and when to stop? How smooth should the end result be?

Best Answer

Given that you have wet scraped as much as you can of the old wallpaper off the wall (if you haven't this is the first step), I am guessing that you are left with residue and paste and maybe a little bit of "cloth".

I suggest priming the walls with a PVA primer. After 3-4 days you can hit it with a 300 grit sandpaper. You will have a lot of spots where the paste and residue are popped out a little. Much much easier to get to these after primer. If your walls were really bad you may need a quick coat of primer again but usually you can just paint right after (sand and then wipe walls with damp cloth).