Walls – How to secure an ikea Kallax shelf unit


I’d appreciate some advice on the tools I need to complete a task.

I bought an Ikea Kallax shelving unit (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/30275861/) It came with two brackets, with a space for one screw per bracket to attach to the wall.

I need to secure it to a wall. The wall is solid – 99% sure it’s not plaster board. (My terraced house is from the 1930’s.) There is a gap between the wall and the unit because of a skirting board.

I’d like to secure it in as simple and safe a way as possible. Can you recommend the screws, plugs and drill bit I need?
Thank you for your help.

Best Answer

My kids each have the red Kallax shelf system. They each come with a long L bracket. These should be installed on the third row up on the outside squares. If you can't do it there go up to the 4th row.

The long part of the L goes on the wall. For plaster you will need to use threaded anchors or toggle bolts. You may have to put in 2 on each L bracket into the wall. It would be advantageous if at least one of them went into a stud (then just use a wood screw - even a drywall screw).

From there you screw in the short end into you shelf. I have trim too and shelf actually sits a good 3/4 inch from wall - should not matter. Also when screwing in the short end of the L bracket try to keep the shelf flat or slightly slightly tilted back. Really the shelf should "sit" and you are not moving it during install.

Once you screw in bracket IKEA gives you bracket covers. Throw those on and you are done. Note that these brackets are not made to hang you shelf on the wall or anything crazy like that. They are simply so a child can't tip the shelf over on them if climbing it. I am sure I could go in their rooms and rip these off the walls.