Walls – Why is part of the wall shiny after cleaning it


I have recently moved to a new house and there have been a lot of deliveries for appliances and furniture. In the process there were some stains on the wall, nothing major as the paint was intact. I tried to use a soft microfiber cloth damped with hot water to gently rub off the stains.

However, after cleaning, that part strikes out a lot shinny than the rest of the wall when looked at an angle due to reflection of light. As this is the main part of the wall visible from the entrance, it really looks bad.
enter image description here

Has anyone faced the same issue and fixed it somehow? Any help will be appreciated.

Best Answer

You should get some extra paint keep on hand anyway while the brand is current and the color mix is valid. Since the home is new, you can simply roll over the washed area and blend out in a radial pattern, working to a dry roll. Your shiny spot should all but disappear.

If the color isn't an identical match, paint the entire wall to the corners without bothering to mask or edge to the base trim or ceiling. It'll be quick and the edging shouldn't show much at all.

If you're new to painting, do a little reading and dive in. It's a great skill for any homeowner to possess.