Water – Basement shower tiled floor not sealed by builder what now


enter image description hereenter image description hereSo I have recently had a tenant move out and have found water damage around the basement shower floor. Looks like black mold so I started ripping it out. Now I am at the point where I have found what looks like a undersized water barrier but not sure if I need to bust out the concrete or just remove the perimeter and pour over the entire thing… if I do need to remove the shower sub-floor what the best way to do so with out damaging the foundation. Also notice how it looks wet, yet it hasn't been used on 25 days. There was a tiled corner chair I have since removed, thats what was in the corner.enter image description here

Thanks for you helpenter image description here

Best Answer

The tile adhesive is not bonded to your foundation. The rubber membrane is installed between the foundation and adhesive. You definitely want to remove/replace. enter image description here

enter image description here