Water – Central heating pressure dropping


Some time ago, I asked this question. The problem I had was that the pressure in my central heating system was dropping, and I couldn't find the leak in the system. I'm now convinced that I don't have a leak.

I've heard that cold weather can cause heating pressure to drop, and this relates to the overflow pipe from the heating system. So my follow up questions are:

  • Is this true? Can something outside the house freezing cause the pressure inside to drop (and if so, why)?
  • How can this be fixed?

Best Answer

I really hate to say this, but your suspected problem is probably way beyond the capabilities of a DIYer. If you are still having problems, it may be time to call in a pro. I have not seen any good answers to this kind of question here on the Stack. I don't think we really have a HVAC expert here. Bite the bullet, find a really competent tech with the right diagnostic tools to find and fix your problem. What you are losing in comfort, fuel effiency , and potential fuel costs might be more than the bill from a proper repair. You may have an equipment malfunction and only putting off the inevitable.