Water – How cold does it need to be to damage hoses


I have a water hose that I keep hooked up all the time. It's inconvenient to disconnect and drain the hose to protect it from freezing. My plan is to watch the weather forecast and only disconnect if necessary because it will be cold.

How cold does it have to get to freeze the water and damage the hose?

Best Answer

Can you turn off the water supply to the hose? Or is the tap at the "business" end of the hose?

If it's the former then you can turn off the supply to the hose and leave the tap at the end of the hose open. This means that if there is any water left in the hose it will a) drain away and b) (more importantly) be able to expand safely along the length of the hose if it freezes.

So as long as there aren't any kinks in the hose it should survive the winter.