Water – How to waterproof the mail box (post catcher)


We have a basket to catch mail which comes through an outdoor security door, like this:

enter image description here

There is an area behind the door which is open to the elements so the mail often gets wet. Does anyone know of a waterproof version of these mail catchers?

A previous tenant fixed a 'waterproof' cover on the top flap but it is ineffective.

Best Answer

You could purchase a surface mounted letter box similar to this one. Simply cut out a hole in the back face of the letterbox near the top that fits around the existing hole in your exterior security door. Then mount the letter box onto the door in a secure manner.

enter image description here

The means of attachment may require a slight modification from the originally designed method intended for the unit that you purchase.This could happen for boxes that mount on keyhole screw slots like shown below that end up getting cut away by making the hole in the back of the box.

enter image description here

For a box of the type shown above, with the removable front panel, it would be straightforward to access the inside of the rear panel to drill suitable additional holes to mount the box. For letter boxes that do not have easy access to the inside you could resort to using some aluminum angle iron along the sides of the box to make suitable flange to allow screwing to the door.