We hear a constant bass subwoofer like thumping noise every night from about midnight to 7 am


We live in a relatively quiet area. Since 2012, we
hear a low bass rhythmic sound (music?) with slight
vibrations in the front bedroom. We cannot hear it
outside, only in the room and especially while lying in

A sewer pipe runs underneath that bedroom. We've had it checked and rechecked, but it has revealed nothing. There is a
city water pump down the street, but the sounds
do not match.

Could a neighbor's Bose sound system
across the street travel via pipes to our front bedroom?

Nothing really is heard outside and the sound is mostly at night.

If it is a Bose-like system, and neighbor does not want to turn music off, what can we do?

Best Answer

Listen, sound patterns travel in the weirdest ways. My house is on a hill and there is a college a block away. Every night my house was shaking from bass and I was like "what the hell". I am thinking the kids were cranking up their bass so I ventured out on a recon mission.

After a few nights of visiting the parking lot area I did realize it was a few kids. But their music was kind of loud but really not bad at all. The sound waves just climbed right up the hill and bam hit my house. I just asked them to move literally 30 feet over behind a tree and have never heard them since (and they still hang out there).

For your issue you have to get rid of all of your power for a night to make sure its not you. I believe you when you say its your neighbor but check yourself first. I did have a roommate in college that slept with semiloud music on all the time.

As for traveling through pipes... I doubt it. Unless their system is setup right next to the sewar lines or main stack really there is no way. Most bass back echos. So if they have a system that is facing away from your house in their room facing you, that would make more sense.

I would talk to the neighbor. Your options for making this sound go away on your own probably involve a tree or fence which I am not even sure is possible.