What are the pros and cons of removing exterior dentil molding


My capping (or trimming) contractor will cap the wooden parts (e.g., rake, frieze, etc.) with wood grain style PVC coil. He said he will remove the existing wooden dentil moldings. He will add/cover the old vents with T-4 vinyl soffit.

I Googled it, and it seems dentil moldings are all about decorations, so it seems that removing dentil moldings will not have bad effect on my house. Am I correct?

The dentil moldings have been with this house for 25 years (I am a new owner though), and I don't want to cause any bad things by removing the dentil moldings.

I think I'd better cap fascia boards and install new soffits, but not sure if I'd better remove dentil moldings and cap the frieze boards.
(fascia, soffits, frieze boards are based on this figure: https://marshallroofing.com/all-about-your-gutters/)

Do you have any comments/advice or anything I should know before/after removing dentil moldings?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

You're right that they're merely decorative. They're often a separate molding that lays over another board or molding. They can be removed or covered without issue.

I do think it's a loss of nice detail, though. It's that sort of thing that gives a house the richness of aesthetic yours has. Shame it has to go for the sake of convenience.