What are the ramifications of using interior oil-based paint outdoors


I accidentally spray painted some gates for my deck with interior oil-based paint. They had been previously painted and I was touching them up after about 7 years use. I put 2 coats of the oil-based interior paint on them. They are white. I'm wondering what I should do. Would it make any difference to put a coat of exterior paint on top? Should I just put them outside and wait for them to wear out again?

Best Answer

I have used oil based indoor paints many times outdoors. Mainly on sheds. The only issue I have had with it is an extreme amount of discoloration. Bright blue turned to really dull pool liner blue, off white turned to dirty-light-yellow.

Honestly I would leave it be for now. If you painted over other latex it might just fall off once it fully hardens and hits a few temp changes. That will make scraping it easier. If it doesn't fall off then just see what happens. It isn't hurting anything.