What “gravel” is composed of 50% clay, 25% sand and 25% small stones


As a supplement to this question. I ordered gravel to gravel my driveway. My wife accepted the delivery. When I got home what they had dropped was over 50% clay and equal parts sand and small stones. I left a message saying that this isn't what I had ordered and am awaiting their response.

What product did I likely get? What is this material used for?

Best Answer

Sounds like you got "Crusher Run", when you wanted "Washed Stone". This site has a good description of some different types.

enter image description here
Crusher Run

enter image description here
Washed stone

It's used as a base for driveways and roads, but is typically compacted and covered by another material (asphalt for example).

You may have been thinking of something more like pea gravel, or similar. Something that consists of smallish roundish stones, that you could use as a top layer for a driveway. While the quarry was thinking you meant more of a base type gravel, that you would later add a finish layer on top of.

This is sometimes the problem with ordering stone without being familiar with the source, since "Gravel" is a subjective term. Making matters worse, places often try to guess what you need based on the description of the job you provide.