What hardware do I need for selling the electricity generated by solar panels to the electric company


I understand that solar panels generate low DC voltage, and public power lines require high AC voltage. I am also aware of the device called Power Inverter which converts DC power with low voltage to (ideally same) AC power with a higher voltage.

But I don't believe that just connecting input of the inverter to solar panels and output of it to the AC line would work. I think the phases of the inverter output and the public AC voltage must match each other.

I also feel that I would need a different power-meter for my house. Because the current one is designed for one-way transfer of electricity; it may not be detecting the direction of power transfer.

What hardware is used for this purpose? I want implement the circuits myself if I can. Please guide me on this. Is there any article explaining the electronic details and background of selling home-generated DC voltage to the electric company?

Best Answer

You need an on-grid or grid-tie inverter, and you can buy them far cheaper than you can possibly build them. In any case the power company and electricity regulator won't let you implement the circuits yourself unless you're prepared to spend thousands on certification tests, including requirements to, for example, shutdown within a millisecond of mains loss.