What would cause the dishwasher to leak when it starts filling


my Maytag DW-2 dishwasher started leaking water from a small hole under, near the back and to the left whenever it starts filling with water. It must leak +-1 cup then stops leaking for the duration of the wash. Any idea why it would do that?

enter image description here


I have 2 more photos:

enter image description here

the inside lock looks like an X inside an O. Presumably the ends of the X should fit in the 4 notches to take it out but it seems that a special tool must be required to twist it in place.

this is where it leaks:

enter image description here

Best Answer

Bad Seal! Or cracked pipe.

You will need to take it out completely.

Properly dismantle it in and open space and trace/examine the source while the power is on

(this can be dangerous so do not take chances)

If it only happens on the start- maybe it the inlet pipe cracked, seal perished.

If you do not feel comfortable with dissembling it call a recommended local service man.