What’s a good way to sharpen a carpenter’s pencil, without buying a special sharpener


I have a carpenter's pencil that's getting pretty blunt and I've realised I don't know how to sharpen it.

How can I sharpen it without buying a special dedicated tool for it?

Best Answer

Whatever you have handy. There are many tools that would work, besides a pencil sharpener dedicated to this.

  • A pocket or utility knife - cut away from you of course.
  • A sliding, compound miter saw (overkill, but it will work well enough.)
  • A belt sander
  • A band saw
  • A drum sander in your drill press (or an oscillating drum sander if you have one in the shop.)

The point is, a carpenter's pencil is mainly wood, and can be shaped by any tools you have in reach that can also shape wood.