Why is there a 1/4″ jack in the oven


I am in the process of replacing the controller for a jenn-air oven. Ever curious as I am, I was poking around the wiring for all the sensors and elements, tracing them out, and learning their function. Then I came to this, and I have no idea what to make of it:
image of a one-quarter inch headphone jack
image showing the location of a headphone jack inside an oven

It is a 1/4" phone jack. INSIDE the oven. I am puzzled.
Is there an option that uses this method to connect? Is some engineer at Jenn-Air trolling me? The connection on the controller PCB for this device is labeled "MT"… and the jack was (of course) empty. What is it for? Why is it there?

Best Answer

That type of connector is commonly used as a socket for a temperature probe that can be inserted into the food (usually meat) to measure its internal temperature instead of the air temperature in the oven.

I imagine the labeling “MT” you saw probably stands for “meat thermometer”.