Window Replacement (Inserts or Gut Out)


When replacing wood windows of a brick house do you just insert them into the old frame or do you gut the frame out and replace the whole thing?

What are the pros and cons of each method?

Edit: I have double hang windows at the moment and the replacement would be the same type. FWIS, I've been looking at different materials and would probably go with fiberglass rather than vinyl or wood.

Best Answer

If you're thinking of changing materials then it would probably be better to replace the whole window, frame and all. I'm not sure how well fibreglass would slide against the (painted) wood.

If you just want to replace the moving parts then it's certainly possible, but you need to make sure that the thickness of the windows match. There are companies in the UK that offer a sash window renovation service - when I last checked some of them did offer this.