Wiring – How to connect the cat5 cable to connectors having an orange-green line


I have some cat5 cables in my attic in need to splice . they have been up there for 10 to 15years so no sure if cat5e or cat5.

I'm looking at a tool-less connector on amazon, but the color coding has a orange-green line I do not see in my cable

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

That's not "orange/green", it is T568A vs. T568B

Cat 3/5/6 cabling can be connected in two "flavors" - T568A and T568B. The cable (without ends attached) is the same and they are functionally identical. The only question is the sequence - Blue/Orange/Green/Brown vs. Blue/Green/Orange/Brown. Most connectors & jacks include color-coding for both types, marked "A" and "B", so that you can mix & match parts from different brands and have everything work together. You can actually see that in the image if you look closely - A and B are printed on top of the color coding on both left (solid blue, pin 4) and right (brown/white, pin 7). If your device says "Cable should be T586A CAT 5" and you wire it up T586B CAT 5e, it will work just fine, because the electrons don't care about the insulation color.

I usually use T568B, but it really doesn't matter as long as you are consistent - i.e., both ends of each cable should (normally) be the same.

What does matter is the quality of the connection.

Each new cable type 3 -> 5 -> 5e -> 6 puts in new, more exacting requirements on the number of twists and other factors. So make sure any connectors, adapters, splices, etc. meet the requirements of the cable type you want to use. If you have Cat 6 everywhere except one segment is Cat 5e then you'll be fine with Cat 5e speeds but Cat 6 might not work, and you may have trouble figuring out why things aren't working right. So I would at a minimum use the same quality/specification for everything that is hidden - wall jacks, cable inside walls, splices in the attic, etc.