Wiring – wire nut alternative


I added onto my home and had to wire it myself (except the breaker box) to save money. I have a number of connections inside plastic boxes in the attic where I used wire nuts to connect 3 to 5 14 gauge wires together. Wire nuts keep slipping out by themselves and a light or outlet will stop working. Then I have to climb into attic, track down the box and redo it. It there a better way than wire nuts to keep these wires safely and securely together…something more like the Sharkbite plumbing connectors or maybe a little device on which the incoming power wire could come in one end and be crimped and the other 2 or 3 or 4 wires get crimped into the other end?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!


Best Answer

You are possibly using the wrong size wirenut for the number and size of wires you are connecting, or simply installing them incorrectly.

"Saving money" is a dubious justification for tackling electrical work if you are not up to the task - the money you "save" can easily cost you a good deal more when your work fails in a more dramatic fashion and burns the house down or injures/kills someone. You could hire an electrician to go over your self-installed wiring and make sure it was correct, and odds are excellent that no more wirenuts would fall off after that.

There are "push-in" wire connector blocks made and listed now. I'm not personally a fan of them, but they are made and listed.

i.e. See this image from Ideal Industries (not endorsing or associated, just using the image as an example)
push-in wire connectors