Wood – get a threaded wooden/metal rod for an adjustable piano stool


I want to make a height adjustable stool, like a piano stool, of the simple screw/rotate type, but I don't have a lathe (or anything like enough skill) to turn a thread in wood myself.

Is there anywhere I could obtain a length of threaded wood of a large enough diameter ready made? Alternatively, if Wood is too hard to obtain (I've only seen a few examples with wooden screws) a metal equivalent would be OK.

Also, what should I be searching for? (Name), typing "wood screw" into Google obviously isn't going to work).

I'm in the UK, but a USA source would be OK too (I have relatives who could accept a delivery stateside)

Best Answer

If you have a router, you can use the Beall Wood Threader. A kit to thread one-inch dowels is US$85. They have kits to do smaller sizes or multi-size kits. Parts are included to do both inside and outside threading.

Beall Wood Threader

You can find a hand tool on eBay.

Wood Threader

Here's a source for ready-to-use threaded dowels in half-inch and three-quarter-inch diameters up to three feet in length.

Threaded Dowel

Here is a source for metal hardware: Lee Valley Tools.

Piano Stool Hardware

Additional information can be found by searching for "threaded dowel" or "piano stool threaded".