Wood – How to secure the inner ring of bearing race to a wooden frame


I have a fairly small ball bearing and am wanting to secure the inner ring to a wooden frame. The inner ring has a diameter of 5mm, although I'm unsure the best way to secure this. I could glue a small dowel to the frame and then perhaps lightly hammer the bearing onto the dowel, but I'm not sure if this is the best way. Perhaps somebody knows of a more reliable method?


Best Answer

Since wood glues tend to be stronger than wood itself in my experience anyway, gluing the dowel to the board sounds like a solid plan to me with one exception...

I'd suggest reversing the order. Secure the dowel in the bearing first, since that step will put more potential strain on both parts. Particularly if the dowel breaks, you don't want it to be permanently affixed to the board when it does.

Compared to the force necessary to wedge the dowel into the bearing, the insertion into a hole in the board with glue in it will be trivial amounts of pressure.