Wood – install new flooring on top of the existing hardwood floors


I have some 30 y.o. hardwood floor (parquet type) that is overall in decent shape (firm, no squeaking, even, etc.). I'd like to install new hardwood floors, and my contractor says that new floor can be installed on top of the existing one. Is it a good idea? Also, if I want to choose between floating flooring and the one that should be nailed down, which one will be better in this situation?

Best Answer

I'm going to refrain from fully expressing my dismay over the idea of covering up parquet in good condition...

But since it IS in good condition, you should install floating flooring, with a good protective underlayment beneath, because if you install tongue & groove you will destroy the flooring underneath, a sin for which hanging is too good.

Normally I'd say remove the existing floor to maintain grade, but again, since the existing floor is in good shape, I would hate to think of a parquet floor being destroyed for no good cause.