Wood – the best way to join toe kick boards


We got out cabinets installed and the only thing missing are the toe kicks.

Sounds like something “simple” however, both of our runs are longer then a single toe kick board.
The board they provided is really thin, about 1/4".

I'm wondering how people join these together.
Since they are too thin it doesn’t look like a 45% cut – for overlapping – is an option.
Just having them side by side will leave a very noticeable line in between them specially because they are white.
Is there a magic to make it (almost) seamless?
Or… maybe the "very noticeable" joint was always there before in the old cabinets and I just never noticed it?

My other concern:

Is 1/4" too thin? Should this be used more like a skin for a thicker unfinished toe kick such as a 1/2 plywood board?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

Don't join Them

Well the best option is to only have one kickboard. Looking at yours I would just throw them away. For kickboards I use 1x and I use either pine or Azek. That is the area of the kitchen that has the most chance for water damage so don't use plywood or something like that. MDF would be your worst choice (isn't it the worst choice for almost anything).

If you do... do it with style

The other option and just used this for the toekick on a rather big island is a rosette. If you center this it becomes a design element not a stop-gap solution. I used something very similar to this - link. Note that rosettes are often thick... So you may have to plane the back. I usually put the toekicks next to the rosette. You will not be able to do that if the boards you have are as thin as you described.

Also my suggestions are based on the other materials being used... Your cabinets look really nice. Throw those toe kicks away and go with a long piece of pine or azek (any pvc 1x6). If you need to rip the 1x6 put the ripped edge on the top - no one will ever see it.