Wood – What animal are these coffee-ground-like leavings around the doorframe from


We are finding strange stuff around the frame of our bathroom door. It looks almost like ground coffee, and has no discernible smell. It's getting out of hand: we cleaned it up yesterday and this much has showed up again today:

enter image description here

enter image description here

There is nothing above or around the frame where this could have come from: no holes or cracks.

Is this the work of some form of woodworm, termite, or some other animal?

We live in a hot, arid climate on the Canary Islands.

Best Answer

I'm not a pest control specialist but that's got insect written all over it, and given the proximity to that wooden architrave/post/whatever-it-is I'd be worried about termites or some other wood boring critter. Call an exterminator post haste.