Wood – What type of wood filler should I use


I'm starting a project to build my own solid body guitar.

I received the body and its made from ash. It needs to be filled (the grain is very porous).

I hear that I need wood filler for this.

The plan is to stain the guitar with a walnut stain and then finish with an oil finish (no lacquering and I want the grain to show through).

So my questions are, does it matter what wood filler I get? and all wood filler can be stained, right?

I've heard that a darker wood filler will accentuate the grain and give a greater contrast between the areas of the grain. However, I also had some advice that I should fill the wood in a similar colour and stain over the top.

I'm quite confused and don't want to get it wrong. I would like the grain to show up as much as possible, but don't want to ruin the staining by putting the wrong filler on it.

Best Answer

Wood fillers for filling grain are very different from those used for structural repairs. Grain fillers are diluted and rubbed into the wood grain. See the attached listing from Constantines, one of the leading woodworking suppliers in the U.S.:


They are also a source of components and books on building guitars.

I do not know of a non-U.S. source, but they may ship internationally and their info may help evaluate local resources you find.