Wood – Why do fence panels turn grey


Looking from my upstairs window i can see almost my entire streets back gardens.
Almost all of them have greyish wooden fencing panels, but i'm sure this asn' by choice.

what caused this so i can avoid it in the future?

Best Answer

It is possible that some of your neighbors decided that a natural patina of weathered grey looks appropriate on their fence boards. The dulling of wood fibers occurs if the fence boards are left un-sealed or bare for several seasons. The greyish white tone that develops is mostly due to the bombardment of U.V rays from the sun. Without protection the wood fibers become dry and bleached. With the proper wood sealer and maintenance you can extend the life that a wood fence lasts for many years. If the fence is frequently subject to water (as when a sprinkler soaks it) the minerals in the water can tint the wood white when the water evaporates.